Title : OLAP- 15
Source : Synthetic construct
PubMed : 30066172
Activity : Antibacterial
Gram Nature : Gram +ve, Gram -ve
Target :
S. aureus DM4001 (MIC = >50microg/mL), MRSA DM9808R (MIC = >50microg/mL), P. aeruginosa DM23155 (MIC = >50microg/mL), K. pneumonia DM4299 (MIC = >50microg/mL), E. coli ATCC25922 (MIC = >50microg/mL)
Hemolytic Activity :
Rabbit red blood cells (HC50 = >1000 microg/mL)
Validated : Experimentally validated
Comment : Cn represents the number of carbon units present in the lipid; R, arginine; K, lysine. The second lysine from the C-terminus is a branching unit

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