Transferrins are eukaryotic iron-binding glycoproteins with the ability to bind ferric iron with high affinity in the cleft of each of two homologous lobes. They control the level of free iron in biological fluids [PMID: 3032619]. Members of the family include blood serotransferrin (siderophilin), milk lactotransferrin (lactoferrin), egg white ovotransferrin (conalbumin) and membrane-associated melanotransferrin. The iron-deficient transferrins inhibit the growth of certain bacteria and fungi by making iron unavailable for bacterial metabolism [PMID: 6452038].

The format for Signature ID is the family name, followed by H or P for HMM or Pattern respectively. The integer suffixed to H or P denotes the length of the sequences used to create the family signature. If no integer is suffixed, it indicates that the signature was created using all the sequences of the family. The integer following the underscore denotes the number of sequences used for the creation of signatures.

For example:
AureinH_21 is a HMM for Aurein family created using 21 sequences.
AureinP16_9 is a pattern for Aurein family derived using 9 input sequences that are 16 residues long.

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