This form allows you to scan proteins for matches against the PROSITE collection of motifs as well as against your own patterns.

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Option 1 - Submit PROTEIN sequences to scan them against the PROSITE collection of motifs.
Option 2 - Submit MOTIFS to scan them against a PROTEIN sequence database.
Option 3 - Submit PROTEIN sequences and MOTIFS to scan them against each other.

STEP 1 - Submit PROTEIN sequences [help]

Submit PROTEIN sequences (max. 10) Examples
Submit a PROTEIN database (max. 16MB) for repeated scans (The data will be stored on our server for 1 month).

Supported input:

STEP 2 - Select options [help]

Exclude motifs with a high probability of occurrence from the scan
Exclude profiles from the scan
Run the scan at high sensitivity (show weak matches for profiles)

STEP 3 - Select output options and submit your job

Output format:
Retrieve complete sequences: If you choose this option, not all output formats are available.

Receive your results by email

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